Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis – New Gurdwara Sahib Building Project

The Guru will choose His seat and establish His Home.
All who come to bow there will be blessed and their generations to follow will be blessed
It will be considered Sacred Ground

Over the year’s Sangat at Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis – Gurdwara Sahib has increased to the point where we have completely outgrown our current space and for programs needed for future generations. In 2010, Executive Committee started looking for land to construct a future Gurdwara Sahib facility & related community requirements. Under the leadership of S. Jasbir Singh Lalli, 23.5 acres of land was purchased that was < 1 mile from the current Gurdwara Sahib location.

PDF link prepared by current Chairman – Jaswant S. Gidda – presented to Sangat in December 2014 further explains why a new Gurdwara Sahib facility is needed.

Interior / Exterior plans have been developed. The total cost of the construction project will be $3+ million. We must raise $1 – $1.5 million in Dhan Seva for down payment to initiate development. We must also raise approximately $10,000 per month in additional regular monthly income flow to pay a mortgage that will be required for the remainder of construction costs – 100 families providing $100 per month = $10,000.

Gurdwara Indy V3b

Please help support Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis – Gurdwara Sahib as it grows and expands to serve all those who wish to come and bow their head to the Guru.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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