Regular Agenda


  • Nit Name and Gurbani Santhia (5:30 am to 8:20 am)
  • Sukhmani Sahib Path (8:30 am)
  • Asa Ji Di Var and Gurbani Kirtan by Bhai Pritam Singh Ji  and visiting Ragi Jathas (10:15 am to 12:45 pm)
  • Punjabi Class (10:45 am)
  • Anand Sahib, Ardas and Hukamnama (12:45 pm)
  • Guru Ka Langar (1:00 pm)
  • Kirtan class for children (2:30 to 3:30 pm)

Monday to Saturday

  • Asa Di Var (6:30 am to 7:30 am)
  • Gurbani Kirtan and Rehsas Sahib (6:30 pm to 7:30 pm)

Welcome Message

The Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis is proud of this site, created to inform members of our community on upcoming events, while hoping to increase participation and establish new members as well. Please feel free to make suggestions in order for this site to evolve and better serve the Sikh community in central Indiana.

Gurdwara Sahib building was built in 1999, along Indianapolis to Cincinnati I-74 highway, 200 yards north of I-74/Acton Road interchange 99 . It has a large Diwan hall, Langar hall, Library, children’s classroom, playground, and a large paved parking lot. Gurdwara Sahib has purchased 23.5 acre land about half mile from the present location. The  plans are to build a new Gurdwara Sahib complex to better serve the needs of  the growing Sangat in central Indiana.

Gurdwara Sahib is for religious services only, open to all and with Waheguru’s blessings is free of politics and group-ism.

Please call Gurdwara Sahib Giani (Head Priest) Pritam Singh Ji at 317-862-7454 (SIKH) if you wish to visit or need any religious services. Gurdwara Sahib is open 7 days a week. Snacks, tea and a vegetarian lunch are served during the Sunday Divan (service).

Once inside a Sikh Gurdwara building, one has to take his/her shoes off and cover his/her head with a scarf, turban, or any piece of cloth (you can bring your own or usually available there). The congregants sit on a carpeted floor during the services, so dress accordingly. Casual loose dress is fine. No tobacco products are allowed.